Applied Geophysics

  • Speciality: Geoelectrics / Geoelectric tomography

Geotechnic systems

  • GeoEcho: Mapping system for lakes and rivers using echosounder (more ...)
  • TCScan: Thermal conductivity and diffusivity scanner (more ...)
  • GeoTest: Measurement software for geoelectric tomography (more ...)
    using hardware of Lippmann - Geophysikalische Messgeräte (more...)
  • Res2DInv / Res3DInv: Inversion software for geoelectric tomography,
    Distributor (more...)



with an UAS (Unmanned Aerial Sytem, “drone”) in collaboration with Geoplan


Dr. Armin Rauen (CEO) is ...

  • Member of the German Geophysical Society DGG.
  • Member of the German Society of Professional Geoscientists BDG.
  • Member of the section “Geotop” of the German Geological Society.
  • Geoscience consultant (Beratender Geowissenschaftler BDG)
    (document no. 301 07 631)